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About Us

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the celebrated first Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, taught that the Jewish nation (“ha’uma”) is to have a unique spiritual and moral role as a source of religious and ethical guidance for all humanity.

HA'UMA is dedicated to answering the question:

What is going on with Jewish nation?

The internet is saturated with information, a kaleidoscope of facts and opinions, making it difficult to get a clear picture of current events. Hauma seeks to cut through the fog and bring lucidity and focus. We do this by curating social media, elevating and amplifying those posts with the most articulate, insightful, compelling, and inspiring voices, and presenting them to you in a way that is informative and accessible. In doing so, we also hope to strengthen the Jewish nation, bringing us closer together as a community as well as with our allies worldwide.

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